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Antoinette Hamlin - The President of NAMA Harlem

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The Mission Statement:

"To voluntarily promote and encourage the study and production of instrumental music in all the various branches; to draw together trained musicians in the State of New York, in a musical association for mutual intercourse and encouragement and to establish in the City of New York, a central meeting place for the instruction and for social intercourse between its members".

Program Descriptions

The NAMA Teaching and Learning Program is a comprehensive musical training program that prepares both children and adults to interpret and perform various styles of music. Participants may choose from a wide range of instruments, including voice, piano, bass, guitar, trumpet and violin. Supporters are encouraged to participate I our “sponsor a Child” Fund, donate, musical instruments or volunteer to give free or low-cost lessons to our roster of current and prospective students. Our primary piano teachers: Mr. Charles Lovell and Yovanne Pierre (Adults) and Ms. Dolly Allen (Children).

The Monday Night Jam Session is a weekly gathering that integrates a healthy dose of veteran, beginners, “scaredy cats,” intermediate and professional performers for an evening of fun for the entire family! Attendees have enjoyed guest visits by celebrities like the Late Lou Myers, Jackie Mason, Don Thomas (The Drifters), Trina Parks (James Bond Girl), Cameron Mathison (All My Children) Ronny Jordan and Penny Crone (Good Day New York), Just to name a few!

JazzArt is a program developed by Board Chairman, Willie J. Mack, formerly MusArt. JazzArt focuses on the strong connection between art and music. Visual artists are invited to display their talents during individual showcases or on the easel placed on stage!! Dancer, Loretta Abbot is often featured, and JazzArt also supports rappers, poets, and spoken word artists. Our poet laureate, Dr. Ruby Reeves often graces the crowd with her thoughtful and introspective writings. The ensemble provides the musical ambiance.

Stylings of a Songstress created by President Antoinette Adams-Hamlin, showcases three (3) NAMA female vocalists. This gives them an opportunity to perform music in their repertoire that highlights their genre of expertise. Backed by house band, it is a great addition to our performance roster, and can normally be seen on the first Friday of each month!

The Friday Night Jazz Jam Session is our newly created program that was developed by Board member Roberson (Robey) Norton. Unlike the Monday Night Jam Session, this bi-weekly session concentrates on the music of jazz with an added bonus of inviting vocalist to the stage. Joining Roby, who plays saxophone are: Charles Lovell on Piano, Sam Greshen on Drums, and Michael Young on Trumpet.

Children’s Activities include Columbus Day and Halloween open House, where any child can receive a free music lesson and light refreshments.

The Akua Weeks Scholarship Program provides free music lessons for youth living in the community. Students are given instructions in musical technique, composition and literacy by our master musicians. The program was named after one of our long time members Ms. Akua Weekes, who passed away July 3, 2015.

Administration, Membership and Development

The administrative and financial abilities of the New Amsterdam Musical Association, Inc. are coordinated by the volunteer efforts of a small group of NAMA members with professional office, performance and educational experience. Together, they work diligently to provide efficient and courteous service to the public. Administrators also conceptualize and implement strategies to improve NAMA’s fundraising efforts, including the Building Renovation Fund, an ambitious plan to improve the condition of the New Amsterdam Musical Association’s building of operations.

By the end of 2017, NAMA intends to modernize its plumbing system and replace all of the windows. By 2018, NAMA administrators hope to expand the organization’s capabilities to serve musicians, artist, and the general public through a musical library, computer classes, secondary education programs and increased employment opportunities.

Our potential development opportunities rely on subsidiaries from private organizations, government offices and of course, the continued support of music lovers like YOU!! All persons that are truly interested in improving NAMA in these areas are encouraged to become members of the Association, or send a donation payable to the New Amsterdam Musical Association, Inc. 107 West 130th Street, New York, NY 10027. You can also make a donation by selecting the link: Membership/Donations. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you! (All donations are tax deductible)

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